Retractare: Where I’m still appreciative of EOdox

While the early theme of this blog is showing where I cannot epistemologically commit to Eastern Orthodox communion, by no means do I intend to suggest they are wrong or that the past four years of my intellectual life were wasted.  Here are some areas for which I am (eternally) grateful:

  1. Christology.  I didn’t know Christology until I studied at the feet of the Eastern masters.   My seminary was a joke.  Our systematics course (at the time) devoted only one week to Christology, and then it was just showing how evil theonomists were.   It wasn’t until I read McGuckin and others did I learn Christology (and by extension, the Trinity).
  2. Father Seraphim Rose.  In many ways Fr Seraphim taught me how to be human (and sane!) in my spirituality.   The Russian tradition of prelest guards one from dangerous spiritual fantasies.  His biography still ranks as one of the most beautiful pieces of spiritual literatures.   The bourgeoisie Orthodox world is embarrassed by Fr Seraphim.  That’s because Fr Seraphim took the church fathers seriously and when he quoted them on toll-houses and creation/evolution, well that was too much.
  3. The Orthodox Nationalist.  Over the past three years Fr Raphael has been the main source of intellectual stimulation.  His podcast is second to none.   He taught me to see the connections between today’s Jewry and the global capitalist order, both of which are predicated on the destruction of all traditional communities, mainly Russia.  He also taught me Plato.

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  1. I am interested how the class at RTS(?) on Christology tried to take apart theonomy. Would love to hear more on that.

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