God-sanctioned outlawry?

The following post is not claiming divine authorization for any church moves.  Nor is it saying that such practice is normative for all times.  It does, however, clearly rebut the claim that it is always evil sin to “break away” from God’s chosen communion.  The meditation is taken from 1 Kings 12ff.  We can note several things:

  1. God “schisms” his “church” (he raises up Jeroboam in response to Israel’s stupidity).  Much is made of the fact that God’s people is akin to a seamless garment.   The Old Testament is actually quite familiar with that metaphor.  God routinely “rips” that garment.
  2. A division in government is not necessarily a division in covenant people.  Rehoboam is sternly forbidden against “forcing” them back into the covenant fold (1 Kings 12:24).

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2 comments on “God-sanctioned outlawry?

  1. DCF says:

    Did you write this before all that hub bub broke out a few months ago? That’s pretty weird if you did…

    Also, there were, oh, maybe a million or so RC and EO replies to Leithart and Jordan. Not saying all of them were dynamite (some were, I thought), probably most weren’t. I thought the reply to Leithart by some guy over at Called to Communion was actually quite good. But it does go to show how vastly different our understanding of ecclesiology (I know I spelled that wrong) is, isn’t it?

  2. I can’t remember when I wrote it. I’ve been thinking of it for years. I’m generally not impressed with anything Leithart and Jordan write.

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