Ecclesial Election

Ephesians 1:4,

Just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world

“in Him” = the Person of Christ, including his “body.”  His body cannot be separated from the church.   Therefore, election is in the context of the church.

Further biblical thoughts,

In the OT, election is almost always corporate (in fact, I think it is always corporate, but I am not 100% sure).  If one acknowledges the corporate force of election in the OT, which is not debatable, one has to ask why the bible suddenly shifts to personal unconditional election in the New Testament.  Are the Baptists right after all?  But if one assumes a corporate reading throughout, this problem does not exist.

2 comments on “Ecclesial Election

  1. Canadian says:

    Romans 9-11 is also corporate and covenantal not the mechanics of individual election.
    The reference to Jacob and Esau is directly quoted from Malachi 1 which defines them as nations which is Paul’s concern—Israel and the Gentiles in the sovereign purposes of God.

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