Bin Laden versus Jachin and Boaz

I am not going to belabor the point that “bin Laden” was a bad guy.   No doubt he will soon surpass Hitler as the “worse than __________” argument goes.    Among theological blogs the argument is whether it is right to rejoice in his death.  And as usual, the Protestants go “bible verse shopping” to marshal their arguments.

As to rejoicing over his death, I don’t really care either way.   As to the legality of the American mission in Pakistan, it’s a moot point.  Very few things our government has done have ever been legal.

Before I advance the following consideration, I need to make clear that what happened on 9-11 was a deep tragedy.   That is the context for the following remarks.  And while I do not believe the “official guvmint story” on 9-11–I mean, everything the government tells us is a lie and we already know that–I am not so sure that the US government pulled it off.  Were they aware of it?  Probably.

Joseph Farrell has suggested that 9-11 was an “op within an op within an op.”   More on what that could mean later.   Contrary to the rednecks and neocons, I doubt bin Laden attacked us “because he hate our freedoms.”  If you think about it, that is probably the stupidest line I have ever heard.  I think he, or more likely the Nazi international elite, attacked us–or more precisely attacked the symbolism–of American power.    Consider the “Twin Towers.”   Given that the American system is deeply Masonic and deist at core, and that its current economic foundation rests on the manipulation of raw matter, whoever attacked us knew the symbolism.

In short, this “op within an op within an op” was an attack on the religious foundations of the Anglo-American occultic elite.  The true evil is that innocents died in it.

One comment on “Bin Laden versus Jachin and Boaz

  1. Bobby Grow says:

    My brother is a so called “truther,” he believes our gvt orchestrated, somehow, 9/11. I watched an hour and a half vid that attempts to make that case. The vid was quite persuasive, but I’m still not convinced. Yet, I do believe that there is a great evil pervasive in the gvts of the world (what’s new, book of Daniel) that “patriotic American’s” could not fathom (because cultural American Christian has become collpased into American Patriotism and Nationalism — no different than the conditions that led to Nazi Germany).

    Anyway, I was waiting for your punch-line and you never got to it; on the op-within-the-op-within-the-op etc. Do you plan on elaborating on what you’re getting at you conspiracy theorist 😉 ?

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