Theology and inner beauty are connected

The most powerful refutations of modernism are often the most simple and humble.    Where is true beauty found (and quite frankly, physical beauty)?  Which lady is demonstrating beauty?



4 comments on “Theology and inner beauty are connected

  1. sermonwriter says:

    Haha!!! That, says it all. Great contrast, truer than ever.

  2. sermonwriter says:

    btw, an experiment of photoshop in the mind’s eye switching the mug between the photos, will inspire the same contrast. The context is what makes this contrast so powerful, not the mug, lol.

  3. sermonwriter says:

    …although the context will inevitably express itself through the mug, so don’t get me wrong, lol.

  4. Joe says:

    The modernist picture must be from a circus. It is a great costume for a circus. 🙂

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