Outside the State there is no salvation

Or so it would seem when you talk to American Christians.   Maybe the government will fall tomorrow.  In many ways that should have happened long ago.   When I mention stuff like this people will say, “Oh yeah, but what will happen if nobody….”   Sure, tough times will come but I am primarily bothered by the idolatrous assumption that without the bureaucratic apparatus of Leviathan mankind cannot live.   People seem more bothered by the fact that fat cats in D.C. might not have a job than whether there is a good church in the community.   This is idolatry.


2 comments on “Outside the State there is no salvation

  1. Daniel Lewis says:

    It’s long overdue– my only disappointment is that the USG won’t shut down far more of its “necessary” bits, and that it won’t stay shut down for longer.

    People fail to realize that the State is only just behind the Self when it comes to usurping the place of God. And even then, the State will claim for itself powers over others no sinful person would ever individually claim for themselves. As I struggle against the tyrants that exalt themselves as gods in my own life, so I must struggle against the State.

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