Giving New Perspective a break for the moment

I spent the last few weeks intensely reading Sanders, Wright, and Hays on the Law.   That’s probably all I will do on the New Perspective for a while.   I agree with the New Perspective, and I employ it as a tool for deconstructing Calvinism, but if I spend all my mental energy on critique and dialectic—well, I’ve seen dangerous things happen with others on that point.  And since it is the Lenten season, I should spend more of my mental energy and time on repentance and reading lives of the saints.


2 comments on “Giving New Perspective a break for the moment

  1. Joel says:

    Disclaimer: I over think issues all the time; I get frustrated at my rationalizing, logical brain (I should have never got a philosophy degree at a liberal university–too much defending and thinking through issues set me up for a lifetime struggle with academia). With that in mind:

    Don’t over think the issues. This comment is coming from someone in the PCA who is slowly moving towards Orthodoxy. I am in year 2 of my transition, and I hope to start attending in a year or so, as soon as my wife gets on a similar page (we have three kids).

    Remember, the great thing about Orthodoxy–there is far less separation of theology and practice vs. the West, especially Protestants. Focus on Lent and Pascha, and in there lies “Mere Christianity.”

    I like your finite reasoning; you are very charitable and hospitable with your critiques. Good job! Don’t get too lost in the Aristotle/Plato distinction…we all borrow from both in our reasoning and argumentation.

    Keep up the good posts! I am still in Jan. 2010, so I am playing selective catchup.

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