Communion of–but don’t commune with!

Prayers to the departed saints sounds strange and unbiblical to American ears, but it actually rests on several commonsense and biblical observations.   As Christians were are part of the communion of saints (and confess as much on Sunday morning in most any non-low evangelical church).  Therefore, the next conclusion is that the departed saints are part of the Communion of Saints.  Who will deny that?  Do we ask our (living) Christian brothers to pray for us?  Certainly.   May we also ask the reposed Christian brothers to pray for us?

If the Evangelical says no, he’s forced with several options:

  • He must consider the reposed saints as “off limits,” effectively reducing them to second-class status.    This is absurd, though, for these saints are actually in heaven and have been perfected.
  • Deny on the other hand any sort of division in the communion of saints, but now he has to answer why he refuses to allow intercession to departed saints.