A Summary of Putin’s Moves

the best book on this is by a German guy (i didn’t forget his name but I forgot how to spell it) titled *Full Scale Dominance.*   The thesis is this:  in the 1800s Harold Mackinder (sp?), a British scholar, argued that for Britain (or America) to control the world they must control the Eurasian heartland.  Unfortunately, Russia stood in the way of Britian running the world.

American thinkers like Zbignew Brzereznki, Obama’s chief adviser and a leaader in the Council on Foreign Relations, have  picked up MacKinder’s thesis and formulated in in an American context.  While America cannot simply annex Georgia or Kygyzstan, it can do the next best thing:  establish puppet governments.

The reason is this:  he who controls the oil wins the game.   That is why America spent all this money on Sakaashvili.  They needed a cooperative Georgia for the oil pipelines from the Caspian.   They also needed a cooperative Ukraine to destabilize Russia, which they gained in 2004 in the “Orange Revolution.”  What most Americans don’t realize is that the 2010 Ukraine elections went back to pro-Russian candidates.   This set back the New World Order’s plans 10 years.

Still, on neocon/neolib terms,  Russia and China must be neutralized.  American leaders have differing thoughts on it.  Jew Paul Wolfowitz (Bush’s chief adviser) said to simply nuke about 20 Russian and Chinese cities.   Other American leaders are not so sure that’s a good idea.  Most are pushing for a prolongation of the War on Terror.  If you look at where American bases are in teh War on Terror, they are surrounding Russia.   That’s why America is so intent on missile shields in these bases:  they can easily be converted to launching pads against Russia.

Here are some other good links:

http://www.danielestulin.com/en/ (scroll down to Khodorovsky part two for a fine summary).