I get in trouble every year for doing this

No, I am not bashing MLK, and will even suggest a number of points where his thought could be fruitfully developed–something his worshippers in the Amerikan media are unaware.  That being said, there are a number of issues where many Christians should pause:

  1. Sexual morality.  Was King a womanizer?  This question is harder to answer than many of his detractors and idolaters realize.   Before the FBI locked up his records (that should cause many of his supporters to pause), most were aware of his womanizing.  However, since these records are unavailable until 2027 (and even then they will likely have been tampered with), there is no real, concrete proof.  The next line of evidence is testimonial from his closest friends.   Abernathy’s And the Walls Came Tumbling Down is the locus classicus.   Abernathy’s text suggests something along these lines, and it is eye-witness (to a degree).  That being said,  it is only one witness.  There are other works written by the black community championing King, and citing sexual indiscretions, but I am hesitant to bring those out.  The mental agility and scholarship of the authors should give one  pause.   At the end of the day, St Paul said an elder should be without reproach in these matters.  Was King?
  2. Inconsistent Socialism:   This is one area where his thought could be fruitfully expounded.  Contrary to the neocons at National Review, MLK believed in confiscating wealth and distributing it among his community.   On one level this is simply distributivism–and as such it is not wrong.   I am all for confiscating the wealth of Hollywood socialites and distributing it among Agrarians in rural America–and I cite King as an example and authority!!!    That being said, it is inconsistent for King on one hand to espouse nonviolent revolution (which is quite commendable in principle) and economic socialism on the other hand.  These two are logical contradictories, for economic socialism is the violent (defined as using force) taking of wealth from those who do not consent to it.
  3. Plagiarism.  This really doesn’t bother me all that much.  If anything, it is a black eye on the university system, which I think is a joke.

At the end of the day, though, it is good that blacks do have equal rights, and I suppose King had some role in doing that.   I simply object to the almost soteriological messianic status he has in American life, especially when viewed in light of the facts.


3 comments on “I get in trouble every year for doing this

  1. castleman711 says:

    I actually like Malcom X a little better. I heard that King was not killed where he is thought to have been killed, but coming out of a women house he was having sex with. Funny that you write something similar to what I have heard.

  2. tesla1389 says:


    The short answer is “who knows?” Keep in mind that the majority of evidence (photos, FBI wiretaps, original documents) is locked away. Some of it was leaked before the Federal Government ordered it sealed. What I am saying is that what we know about King may not be the whole story. What is claimed as counter-evidence (which is currently locked away) corollates with a lot of what King’s supporters (Abernathy and others) say about his womanizing et al.

    While it is sort of an argument elenchi, there might be something to it.

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