Quick links for future archival references

I should blog expanding the ideas below, but for now I need to reference them so I can find them later.

A Cry for Vindication: In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus’s cry to the Father when Jesus is on the cross isn’t an example of Christ experiencing hell or being severed from the Trinitarian life of the Father.  Leithart shows how it is a cry for vindication–which the Father soon demonstrates with the darkening of the sun and the shaking of the earth.

Out-holy(ing) God’s love: In a Torrancian vein, Leithart shows the difficulties with Federal Theology.

Why I am a Monarchist:  The guys at AltRight really took Medaille to task, though I thought unnecessarily.  I think the guys at AltRight were more frustrated with FrontPorchMag than with Medaille’s view on monarchy.  AltRight, presumably, wanted more emphasis on aristocratic culture.   Whatever.  In any case, Medaille’s reading remains in the tradition of Chesterton and Lewis and gives many good criticisms of democratic culture.