When one isn’t “anti-American”

If one reads a lot of my criticisms of modern America, and my unashamed pro-Russian political views, one might conclude that I am “anti-American.”  I am not.  I am only anti-American when it comes to foreign policy, ideology, modern democracy, consumerism, gangster corporate capitalism, mass media, cheap T.V. culture, etc.

I am very American when it comes to fried chicken, hunting camps, country music, friday night football, family reunions, and the Celtic overtones of the South.


5 comments on “When one isn’t “anti-American”

  1. I’ve just discovered this blog – and have found the reviews and recommendations potentially very valuable, since I am thinking along similar lines (but from England). Thank you.

  2. V says:

    I believe you have breathed a succinct voice to my political views.

  3. Bruce G Charlton says:

    Do you have a rough-definition of the underlying true “essence” of America, behind the appearances and distortions?

  4. tesla1389 says:

    Mr Chartlon,

    Such a definition is difficult. It is difficult for many Americans to make distinctions between the ideology of Washington D.C. and the average outlook on life of a middle-class, somewhat right-of-center American commoner. That there is such a distinction is evident, but much media downplays it.

    I’ve been thinking about this and it is difficult. Part of the fact that American “culture,” if such a thing exists, is an amalgam of different cultures (English, Scotch-Irish, some German). Further, for an American in the South “culture” is 100% different than Americans in the Northeast. For all practical purposes, they are two radically different peoples (I am a Southerner, btw). Even the language is not that similar.

    I’ll be thinking about this question.

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