My (obligatory) post on Cablegate

I have nothing new to add to the phenomenon, save that it makes the news more interesting now, having usurped Lindsey Lohan’s battle with rehab as the top of the MSM’s priorities.   Still, a few words.

For the longest time I (and others) have been accusing the DC government as run by oligarchies, in cahoots with international banking cartels, openly subverts traditional societies, and in general guilty of all-around miscreant behavior.    And no doubt to some, I sounded like a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist.

With others, I doubt wikileaks will change anything important in terms of foreign policy.  Even the US’s European allies don’t really like us, thinking we think we have the right to play God all over the world.   Wikileaks won’t be a surprise to Putin or Berlusconi.

However, it does confirm everything I have ever said about the New World Order and the Oligarchs.  When I said the US and Israel were arming and financing Georgia to kill Ossetians for the sake of oil, I am now proven right.

I (and others) have said the US instigated internal revolutions in traditionally Orthodox Slavic countries for the sake of weakening Russia–I am correct.

Interestingly, it notes a close connection between Putin and Berlusconi.

I really don’t have anything to add that Anatoly hasn’t already admirably summarized.

Wikileaks is a mirror to the Western political soul.

EDIT:  The Regime becomes more explicit about the Putin-Berlusconi political alliance.   Every time a major leader threatens the Regime in any way, he risks major political dangers.    I quoted from the German newspapers Spiegel, but I don’t think the link is permanent, so I will quote major excerpts below.

This Russian-Italian axis does not suit the Americans at all. Because Berlusconi has negotiated generous conditions for the Italian oil and energy giant Eni with the Russian firm Gazprom, and because he generally supports Russian energy projects rather than those of Western countries, the Americans see their energy interests endangered.

US diplomats believe Berlusconi is immune to political influence. He generally makes decisions relating to Russia by himself, and Italian diplomats are seldom allowed to get involved…

But Washington appears interested in at least investigating the rumors. In January, the US State Department asked the US embassies in Rome and Moscow to assemble “any information on the personal relationship” between Putin and Berlusconi as well as information about “personal investments” that could influence their political policies. It was signed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.