Is Monarchy an unrealistic fairy tale?

Hopefully and cheerfully, yes.  How can I, a monarchist, say that?  It is my goal that holy monarchy is restored and just economic systems and other, more humane political options become realities in this late western world.  And I honestly believe that could happen.

But let’s pretend this is wishful thinking and the cold, iron hand of technocracy democracy crushes the last vestiges of beauty in the world.   The Republic has become Empire.  Can monarchy prevail against that?  Again, we have to answer “probably not.”

So what good is monarchy, then? I have said elsewhere, following N. T. Wright, that monarchy is an “angled mirror” that allows us to see other worlds, or to see around the power games of this world.  We must define our terms.  By monarchy we certainly do not mean later republican stereotypes of the Middle Ages.  We certainly do not mean the Enlightenment variants.  By no accounts do we mean pale, gelding Constitutional Monarchies, which are paper gods who will not save.  We mean the monarch as icon of heaven; the leader of a free people who are both bound, not to some “contract” or constitution, but to liturgy and land.  We mean, obviously, fairy tale monarchs.

How does this help us in our current situation?  David Bentley Hart sums it up nicely,

In such a culture, one can be grateful of the liberties one enjoys, and use one’s franchise to advance the work of trustworthier politicians (and perhaps there are more of those than I have granted to this point), and pursue the discrete moral causes in which one believes. But it is good also to imagine other, better, quite impossible worlds, so that one will be less inclined to mistake the process for the proper end of political life, or to become frantically consumed by what should be only a small part of life, or to fail to see the limits and defects of our systems of government. After all, one of the most crucial freedoms, upon which all other freedoms ultimately depend, is freedom from illusion.

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