Things I never thought I’d say

Back in my theonomy days, Scott Clark had sort of found himself as the vanguard against the Theonomic Movement.  Conversely, young turk Theonomists would try to refute his arguments and boast of it in manners not unsimilar to the Plains Indians.    Those were good times (they really weren’t).

I always thought of Clark as a gnostic dualist with an anemic social ethic.  While he might have an anemic ethic (if he participates and believes in American democracy, probably), but I now realize he is sharper on modern politics than I had originally given him credit for.

SAET is doing interviews with several theologians on the role of Church and Politics.   When Clark mentioned Oliver O’Donovan, I tuned in (not literally–why won’t people put these things on mp3!!!????!!!).  Clark’s interview is worth reading and I certainly take back some things I said give years ago (not that anyone cares).   I’m still not impressed with Calvinists simply appealing to “two kingdoms” as some sort of panacea for political discourse.    Still, I’m impressed with any man who approaches modern politics having read Augustine, Plato, and Voeglin.

(here’s the link to the O’Donovan interview and others of interest)