Homosexuality and the Fight for Serbia’s Soul

People always ask me, “What’s so bad about NATO?  Why are you always attacking NATO and the EU?”  Many are now seeing that the neo-conservative and neo-liberal subjugation of Serbia is not a good thing.  I confess–I had always attacked that on the wrong front.  I had always pointed out that attacking Serbia created an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.    That’s true, but that is not the problem.

The problem is more sinister than that.  Whatever the problems of the Milosevic regime, Yugoslavia was an old-school nationalist state that resisted the one-world designs of the EU and the Anglo-American bankers.

But it is darker still.  Serbia has been an American colony for ten years.  The Americans have been quite tolerant of their subjects.  The Serbs are allowed to have their churches and they can even pretend they have Kosovo.  Those are merely words.  America wants Serbia integrated into the Euro-international sphere.

But as heinous as that is, that isn’t even the problem.  NATO/EU/US has one condition:  tolerate homosexuality.  The Overlords are quite gracious, actually.  They are not saying support homosexuality in the public sphere, but merely tolerate it.  Allow a gay-pride march.  Srdja Trifkovic, writing a few days before the October 10 march, notes the issues at stake.

While the march took place under government orders, it appears that the heart of the population was not in it.  Nebosja Malic nicely summarizes what happened.  The average Serb in Belgrade, it seems, fought back against their subjugators.

It appears America actually fired up nationalist sentiments.  Who knew?