Quit Hating on Hegel

I do not defend Hegel, but rather see how thorough the dialectic has permeated our way of thinking.  My Evangelical friends do not see this.  I was staggered the other day by this insight from Farrell,

For once the Trinity was dialectically formulated, it was only a matter of time before someone made the deduction that if God be a dialectical Trinity and the Sovereign Lord of History, then the key to the historical process must be revealed in the dialectical process at work within the Trinity itself.  Once these dialectical processes were loosed in (or perhaps upon) historiography, it was not long before the category errors and confusions implicit in Augustine’s Trinitarian formulation–the confusion and identification of hte persons with natural operations and with nature–were applied to law, politics, science, ethics, in short, to areas of social and intellectual organization that, at first glance,  seem to have little connection to something so “irrelevant” as theology and so obscure as the  filioque or the Augustinian ordo theologiae

GHD, 461


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