Politics Past the Putin-Era

I have gone on record as a strong defender of Vladimir Putin.  Seen as an alternative to both Yeltsin-Clinton Capitalism on one hand and Sovietism on the other, Putin’s record is impressive.  It’s hard to put into words just how important Putin was to Russia and even to international order in general.  Putin delegitimized the oligarchs inside Russia while sounding a warning to unipolar imperialism on the outside.

He is not perfect.  I am not entirely pleased with a number of his recent decisions.  I do wonder if he and Medvedev are leaving Iran out to dry, so to speak.  He’s a politician, though, and often has to act like one.

It is very tempting to come close to “man-worship” regarding Vladimir Putin.  This is especially the case when you compare Putin to other world leaders:  Bush, Obama, Tony Blair, Sarkozy.   Indeed, postmodernity defines itself as the rejection of the hero.   Therefore, the best way to reject postmodernity is to find heroes!

But human heroes should never be ultimate.  They point beyond themselves to the transcendent–to God.  In Putin’s case they point somewhere else, too.  They point beyond the next ruler of Russia.  A lot of media outlets are curious over the next Russian leader–Putin, Medvedev, or some other guy.  On one hand it doesn’t matter.  Given United Russia’s hegemony the next leader of Russia will fall in the mold of the previous two.

Some people, though, are looking beyond the Parliamentary system to the Tsarist system.  In some ways, I am one of those persons.  I do believe, along with a section of the Russian Orthodox Church, that there will be a Tsar in Russia who will focus the believing world around himself as a resistance to antichrist.   To be honest, though, I do not believe Putin is this Tsarist figure.  I also believe that monarchists should play this scene very carefully.  Much of the world is militantly opposed to both Orthodoxy and Russia and is doing everything they can to destroy both.  Putin has done a fine job in staying their hands.  Could a Tsar do better?  Possibly.  Should a Tsar lead today’s Russia?  I can think of worse alternatives.  Is that time now?  That is the question of the hour.  Let’s hope wise heads prevail.