Is Monarchy Part of the Natural Order?

There is an interesting debate among political theologians to whether government is part of the created order, or did it arise from man’s sin?  This has always been a tough question for me and I can see both points of view. I’ll consider them briefly,

Government is Part of the Created Order

Hierarchy is natural to creation.  Thus, creation has a hierarchical order.  Further, Adam was called to rule over creation.

Government is not Part of the Created Order

Monarchs exist because of man’s sin.  Monarchs rule because man otherwise will not be represented fairly (only those with ties to big media and big money will be represented).  The monarch is to transcend and offer a just judgment.  This complex, however, only exists because of sin.


So which is it?  If I were more Hegelian, I would run a dialectic–which I might do later.