A Monarchist Response to Theonomy

This response will probably span several posts.  Initially, I wanted to address the tired-old criticism of monarchy drawn from (flawed) interpretations of 1 Samuel 8 where God condemns the people of Israel for wanting a king.  1 Samuel 8 isn’t precisely a theonomic proof-text.  It has little to do with the law of God and since 90% of theonomic work today is done in response to anti-theonomists, and since the anti-theonomists have no reason to appeal to 1 Samuel 8, theonomists do not usually appeal to 1 Samuel 8.

Built around the rebuttal to their use of Samuel will be a constructed criticism of theonomic reasoning, failure to understand the history of philosophy, inadquate use of sola scriptura, and basic ignorance of Western and Christian History (the last one being most pointed, since theonomists usually think of themselves as the last defenders of Western Civilization.  I think it will go along the lines of:

  1. Rebuttal of the flawed use of 1 Samuel 8
  2. Inadequate epistemology
  3. Failure to understand logic, Church history, or Western Civilization

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