The Battle of Kosovo: June 15, 1389

From Guard Duty: I am thinking of copying and pasting GD’s whole article into a future post, since he is copying/pasting an older (and out of date) Trifkovic article.

Tsar Lazar’s Final Hours,

At a time when the Moslem horde was threatening to overrun all of Europe, this truly valiant leader, having been inspired by an angelic vision, sacrificed himself and his army at the fateful battle of Kosovo on June 15, 1389. Choosing the heavenly kingdom over the earthly one, he and his army went to victorious martyrdom. When receiving the Eucharist at the Divine Liturgy prior to battle, they all chanted in unison, “For the honorable Cross and golden freedom!”, followed by the famous words of St. Sava of Serbia, “Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing!” As a result of the battle that Tsar Lazar waged on Kosovo Field, the Moslems never regained strength to take Western Europe. Thus, the Orthodox Kingdom of Serbia must always be acknowledged by Western Europe as that “sacrificial” kingdom which stood in the path of total Moslem captivity.

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