Old School Stealth Warfare

I don’t know if the N. Korean sinking of Cheonan was a false flag or not. The best argument in favor of it being a false flag, besides the fact that the US uses false flags on a regular basis, is that there is no reason for North Korea to do something this stupid. If there is another Korean War North Korea will cease to exist. But then again, part of the modus operandi of the North Korean regime is not to do the sane thing. A lot of people are asking how an outdated tiny submarine could sink a state of the art submarine hunter ten times its size. John Pike at GlobalSecurity.com suggests this,

“To us, stealth denotes the latest technology — billions of dollars in research and development in armaments,” said John Park, a Korea expert at the U.S. Institute of Peace. “The North Korean version of stealth is old-school diesel-battery operated subs that evade modern detection methods.”

This might explain how Serbian military, using old Russian hardware, could shoot down the most advanced NATO fighters. Pike goes on to say,

“There’s a lot of equipment that works pretty well against big submarines out in the deep ocean, but doesn’t work so well against small submarines in shallow water. We’ve got the same concern with Iran and the Persian Gulf.”

Alleged North Korean Sub came near U.S.-South Korean Anti-Sub Maneuvers.