Interesting Interview concerning Putin

Mark Adomanis does a fine job with the La Russophobe interview. He doesn’t whitewash Putin but does note that many of the Western D.C./London/Brussels critiques of Putin often embrace a double-standard. Also ignored is that post-1990s Russia was a gangster state, so horrible things happened to vocal journalists. That’s a very bad thing but really, is Putin responsible for the execution of every journalist in the Slavic world? Western critics of Russia employ contradictory reasoning with Putin: on one hand is security and economic reforms will fail (according to Joe Biden) and there is nothing he can do to stop it; on the other hand he exercises god-like control of the country, stamping out free speech, and no one can stop it. La Russophobe framed most every quest along the lines of “Somebody was murdered in Russia in the 1990s. How can you avoid the obvious that Putin was behind that murder?”

Mark does a good job.

And for the record, I am not a blind Putin apologist and neither is Mark. I don’t like many of the compromises that Putin has done, but he is a politician and has to compromise. Does that excuse him? No, but that’s the nature of politics. As a nationalist, though, I do admire Putin for this reason: he stated that his fate is tied up with the fate of the Russian people. Compare that to America. Obama has metaphorically said “F-you” to the American people. As a Christian I have more in common with Putin and Patriarch Kirill than Obama and the lesbian jew he nominated to the Supreme Court.