Joan of Arc and Miracles (and I fixed comment notification)

Last year I got in a discussion with a Christ-hater and an Obama-worshipper on Joan of Arc, or the movies that recently came out. One of the movies (I can’t remember and really don’t care) was openly anti-Christian. There were scenes of rape and necrophilia (or so the movie review told me. I didn’t watch it) and when Christ appeared he looked like Hell and the Devil. The two people mentioned above loved that part for its realism. They said, “We really can’t know the difference between an appearance of God and the Devil.”

Now, despite how utterly wrong they are, they did touch on an important truth. Satan does masquerade as an angel of light. Could Joan not have been tricked by the devil? I don’t think so. It is doubtful that demons would have appeared to her and told her to “worship God and be more pious.” I guess they could be it seems counter-productive (something about if Satan be divided).

The other movie, for what it’s worth, is quite good and wholesome.